Business Process Change, 3rd Edition by Paul Harmon – Elsevier / Morgan Kaufmann

Paul Harmon - Business Process ChangeYou can buy the book here

This book, as new revised version of previous bestselling author, provides and enhances several crucial concepts in the field of business process change.

The author has a deep understanding and knowledge about the evolution in time of major business process concepts, methods, cases for improvement and give them a clear explanation. The book has been updated from previous version adding new material on the development of business models and business process architecture. It also offer new insights about decision management models and other interesting stuffs on business rules, service processes.

I recommend this book to anybody who wants to come in to contact with develop business models and business process architecture. In particular, the discussions of how to integrate decision management models and business rules, and the new material on service processes and on dynamic case management  are excellent for a wide variety of business positions, as are the all new detailed case studies. The material guarantee a deep understanding on how these methods are implemented.

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